Journal Year: 2019
Journal Month: August
Published On: 27-09-2019 15:40:00
Article DOI: 10.5958/2277-8934.2019.00024.9

Sumant Vyas, M.M. Ansari, Ved Prakash, N. Sharma, Kashinath and N.V. Patil
ICAR- National Research Centre on Camel, P.B. 07, Bikaner 334001 India

The present study describes teat characteristics of Indian dromedary females (n=75). Mean±SE of teat diameters measured using Vernier caliper at Right front top, Right front middle, Right front lower or tip; Right Rear top, Right Rear middle, Right Rear lower or tip, Left front top, Left Front middle, Left front lower or tip, Left Rear top, Left Rear middle and Left Rear lower or tip, were 48.45±1.45; 31.77±1.14; 12.16 ±0.42; 52.12±1.48; 34.58±1.3; 13.25±1.01; 47.01±1.58; 33.51±1.26; 12.33±0.49; 54.07±1.62; 36.48±1.41; 12.42±0.47 mm, respectively. Mean±SE of length of Right front, Right rear, Left front, Left rear teat were 63.83±1.88; 64.88±2.1; 64.71±1.8 and 63.92±1.87 mm, respectively with a wide range of 20-110.04 mm. The effect of parity was significant on most of the teat measurements. Ultrasonographic examination revealed presence of definite gland and teat cisterns in camel. The present results give baseline data about teat dimensions with respect to parity, age in female dromedary of Bikaneri, Jaisalmeri, Kachchi and Mewari breeds of Indian camels. This will help to develop teat cups and liners and in turn milking machine for Indian dromedary camels.
Key words: Age, breeds, Camelus dromedarius, India, parity, teat characteristics

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