Camels and Camelids

Selected Topics On Camelids Dr.T.K.Gahlot

Selected Topics On Camelids Dr.T.K.Gahlot

Selected Topics On Camelids Dr.T.K.Gahlot
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  • Edition: 2005
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Edition Year 2005

Selected Topics on Camelids

Editor: Dr T.K. Gahlot


First Edition 2000

Published by The Camelid Publishers

Now marketed by Camel Publishing House, Bikaner, India

This is a reference book on camelids which includes dromedary, Bactrian and South American Camelids (SAC). The book has 600 pages, 336 Figures and 68 tables. Various chapters of book were contributed by 31 scientists from 13 countries. Every chapter has an appended bibliography, hence an update of Camelid bibliography remains available to the readers of this book.  Dromedary chapters provide unique information on infectious diseases of camels, trypanosomiasis, surgery, statics and dynamics of locomotor system, genetics and breeding methods, ecophysiology, physiology, lactation,  ultrasonography, pharmacology and camel training and sports apart from other important chapters. Some special chapters included concretions in camelids, products of South American Camelids, physiological explanations for adaptation of camels in desert conditions, the camel and human society, dentistry, medical management of South American Camelids etc.

The Bactrian chapters provide information related to reproduction only whereas SAC chapters give useful information on medical management, produces and concretions.

“Selected Topics on Camelids” is a unique book that encompasses most of the discipline related to the camelids with a greater weightage on dromedary. First edition of this book holds a promise to expand it with a greater balance of bactrian and new world camelids, in this future editions. This book will be useful for students, teachers, scientists and practitioners related to camelids