Camels and Camelids

Curriculum Vitae - Muyldermans Serge (Member)

Muyldermans Serge
  • Graduated as Chemist at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium in September 1977
  • PhD at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium in June 1982 with greatest distinction.
  • The structural organization of chromatosomes (nucleosomes), the subunit of chromatin, (i.e. DNA and histone proteins as occurring in the nucleus of eukaryotes) was investigated for the Ph D dissertation.  This topic remained the main research focus afterwards as well and led to several publications in Nucleic Acids Research, J. Mol. Biol, Biochemistry, J.Biol. Chem and a publication in Nature (1998).
  • As a postdoc with skills in cloning, DNA sequencing and genetic engineering Dr Serge Muyldermans switched the focus of his research towards camel heavy chain antibodies as a result of their serendipitous discovery in the laboratory at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He developed a technology to generate and identify the unique single domain antigen binding fragments (referred to as Nanobodies) of these heavy chain-only antibodies.  This technology became the core of Ablynx spin-off of which he was co-founder (2002).
  • PhD defended in 1982
  • Military service in 1983
  • Since 1984 postdoc on research grants
  • Since 1986 assistant (professor)
  • 1995: postdoc researcher at VIB
  • 1998: 15% Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel & 85% groupleader at VIB
  • Groupleader within Structural Biology department at VIB until December 2014.

Details of current employment

  • Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel since 2003 (retirement on October 1, 2019)   Responsible for courses on ‘Immunochemistry’, ‘Recombinant antibody technology’, ‘Applied Immunology’, ‘Analytical Biochemistry’, ‘Nucleic acid chemistry and genetic engineering’, ‘Combinatorial biochemistry and high throughput techniques’, ‘Biotechnology’ (~300 hours/year).
  • Guest Professor (10%) at Dalian Technical University (China) since November 2019.
  • Founder and scientific adviser (till 2010) of spin-off ‘Ablynx’ a company to identify camel single domain antibodies (Nanobodies) for human therapy and diagnostic. Founded in January 2002, located in Ghent, employing 600+ people and having 7 Nanobodies atvarious stage of clinical phase. Acquisition by Sanofi in June 2018 for 3.9 B €.
  • Founder of NSF (Nanobody Service Facility) a facility to generate Nanobodies for VIB research groups and academic research groups.
  • Co-founder of Zheijang HINT Biopharmaceutical Co, LTD (Xi’an & Hangzhou, China)
  • Advisor of/consultancy’s for Kiso-Ji (Montreal, Canada, generating camel-mouse), Kangyuan (Dalian, China, Nanobodies in Apheresis), Pregene (Shenzhen, China, Nanobodies in CAR-T cells, until 2023), Ajinomoto (Japan), ICBI (CA, US), Moonlake (Zwitserland), Paratus Singapore, Shaanxi Health Innovation Technology.
  • Supervisor of visitors that learned the Nanobody identification technology in our group: S. Tillib (Moscow Acad Sci, Russia); A. Olichon (now prof @ University of Toulouse); Y. Wan (now Director of Joint Center for Nanobody Research and Development between SEU and Egens, China); M. Abbady (AEC, Damas, Syria); R. Ben Abderrazek, Hassiki R.& I Hmila (Pasteur Institute Tunis, & University of Tunis); Behdani M, Evasalipour M &Hababi-Anbouh M (Tehran, Iran), M. Adel Zakri (King Saud University, Saudi); L. Kent (Cambridge University, UK); SigalGelkop (Beer Sheva, Israel)& 40 more
  • Supervision or (co-)promotor of ~ 90 master students from 1990 onwards on camel antibodies and ~20 Ph.D. works on camel antibodies. External jury member at other universities of about 40 PhD theses.
  • Member of the selection committee for the ‘King Faisal Prize-Medicine’ (January 2009).
  • Expert to evaluate (national) PhD scholarships and research projects and external expert in major research projects in Flanders (2006-2013), Belgium, France (ANR), Netherlands, Germany, US (NIH grants), Kazakhstan, Canada, Chili and for EU (FP6 and e-RARE).
  • Peer-reviewerof manuscripts submitted to some 30 journals, including Nature Biotechn., Nature Meth., Nature Immunol Rev, Nature Communications, Scientific Reports, Science, Science Advance, Blood, Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.US, Nucl.Acids Res., J.Biol.Chem., J.Mol.Biol., Anal.Chem., Mol. Immunol., Proteomics, Biochemistry, FEBS Lett., Vet.Immunol.Immunopath. J.Immunol.Meth., Prot.Enging& Design & Select, Biol.Chem., Developm.Comp.Immunol., Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry.
  • Editor tasks for Journal of Camel Practice and Research, Frontiers in Immunology, Biomolecules, Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Antibodies and PLoSOne. Editor of book on ‘Single domain antibodies Methods in Molecular Biology series
  • Annually (before Covid-19), invited 10-15 times to give lectures at international conferences, or seminars at universities & industry on camel antibodies and Nanobody applications. 

Grants held over the last years

  • EU-FP7; Affinomics protein binders for characterization of human proteome function; M. Taussig and 14 others; 2011-2015;  € 520 k
  • VIB; Nanobodies; Muyldermans; 2011-2015; € 400 k
  • US Airforce; Identification of Yersinia pestis specific Nanobodies for diagnosis and therapy; Muyldermans; 2009-2011; $ 50 k
  • EU FP7; A European Infrastructure of Ligand binding; Taussig & 20 others; Muyldermans; 2008-2010; € 30 k €
  • Chromotek licensing fee; Nanobodies against GFP as research biological; Muyldermans; 2009-2012; 285 k € total
  • VUB R&D: Strategic Research Program; Muyldermans; 2013-2017; € 450 k
  • FWO (science council); Toxocara diagnosis with Nanobodies and proximity ligation; Muyldermans; 2014-2017; €240 k
  • SBO: NanoCoMIT: Nanobodies for non-invasive in vivo imaging; 2015-2018; € 500 k
  • FWO: science council; Site-specific labeling of Nbs for in vivo imaging; 2015-2018; € 340 k
  • ERANET: 180 k€: Neuroniche: Nanobodies for spinal cord regeneration.
  • Co-author of about 260 articles on camel antibodies in peer-reviewed international journals (about 20 articles in journals with IF>10; close to 40,000 citations, h-index: 95 – Since 2019: nearly 17,000 citations, h-index 61; source Google Scholar - April2024)
  • 15 articles in books have been published.
  • Editor of book “Single domain Antibodies” (Methods in Molecular Biology) Springer.
  • About 20 patent applications on camel antibodies.
  • 100+ abstracts in proceedings, and poster presentations.

Five most relevant publications of career

1.    Hamers-Casterman C., Atarhouch T., Muyldermans S., Hamers C., Robinson G., BaiyanaSonga E., Bendahman N., &Hamers R.

Naturally occurring antibodies devoid of light chains Nature 363, 446-448, 1993. (3900 citations Google Scholar, April 2024)

2.     Muyldermans S.

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Ann Rev Biochem  82, 775-797, 2013 (IF 34.3) (2117 citations Google Scholar, April 2024)

3.    Ghahroudi A M., Desmyter A., Wyns L., Hamers R., Muyldermans S.

Selection and identification of single domain antibody fragments from camel heavy-chain antibodies.

FEBS Letters  414, 521-526, 1997(1107citations Google Scholar, April 2024)

4.    Muyldermans S., Atarhouch T., Saldanha J., Barbosa JARG,  Hamers R..

Sequence and structure of VH domain from naturally occurring camel heavy chain immunoglobulins lacking light chains.

Protein Engineering  7, 1129-1135, 1994. (744 citations Google Scholar, April 2024)

5.     Jovcevska I, Muyldermans S.

The therapeutic potential of Nanobodies.

BioDrugs  34 (1): 11-26, 2020January 28. (543 citations, Google Scholar, April 2024)

Articles from January 2021 onwards


1.       Clack K, SallamM,  Muyldermans S, Sambasivan P, Nguyen CM, Nguyen NT.

Instant Candida albicans detection using ultra-stable aptomer conjugated gold nanoparticles.

Micromachines 15 (2): 216. Doi: 10.3390/mi15020216. January 31, 2024(IF 3.5)

2.       Ben-AbderrazekRhama, Hamdi Amna, Piccirilli Alessandra, DhaouadiSayda,  Muyldermans Serge, PerilliMariagrazia, Bouhaouala-ZaharBalkiss.

Camel-derived Nanobodies as potent inhibitors against NDM-1 enzyme.

Molecules Accepted February 28, 2024 (IF 4.9)

3.       Mohamed Sallam, Mohammadi Mahan Sainsbury Frank, Nguyen Nam-Trung, Kimizuka Nobuo, Muyldermans Serge, Martina Benesova-Schäfer

PSMA-targeted radiotheranostics in modern nuclear medicine: then, now, and what of the future.

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2.       Petersson Marcus, Thrane Sandra W, Gram Lone, Muyldermans Serge, Laustsen Andreas H.

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Journal of Biotechnology Accepted August 24, 2023 (IF 4.1; Q2, 66.3%).

4.       Van Campenhout Raf, De Groof Timo, Kadam Prashant, Kwak Brenda, Muyldermans Serge, Devoogdt Nick, Vinken Mathieu.

Nanobody-based pannexin1 channel inhibitors reduce inflammation in acute liver injury.

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4.       Yucheng Guo, Zhenlin Ouyang, Wenbo He, Jiaxin Zhang, Qian Qin, Min Jiao, SergeMuyldermans, Fang Zheng,Yurong Wen.

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5.       Qian Qin, Hao Liu, Wenbo He, Yucheng Guo, Jiaxin Zhang, JunjunShe, Fang Zheng, Sicai Zhang, Serge Muyldermans, Yurong Wen.

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